On 28 September 2019, the annual Rhein-Main-Cup took place in Wiesbaden. Freediver from many nations and different age groups met here to measure themselves in statics and dynamics.




I was never at such a competition and was invited for the first time under my logo to collect pictures and impressions.


Of course I did, spent a whole day with like-minded people, learned a lot about this sport and its competitions.


I'm not a friend of too much text. But you have to mention that I really admired every single participant for his performance. It's absolutely remarkable how you can hold your breath in statics for such a long time and what distances have been covered in dynamics.


A special highlight this year was the award ceremony, because for the first time, my friends from Madeira (Freediving Madeira & Galo Resorts) sponsored prizes for the winners.


Here are some impressions for you: