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Family overboard!

As a diver travelling alone, I often have to team up as a diving buddy with the most diverse of groups. Ideally, I dive with other singles, but they’re not always in the same place at the same time as I am. Frequently I get placed next to the guides or the third diver in an existing buddy team, usually couples or friends. When I was looking for a buddy for my last dive on Bali, I wasn’t assigned just one, but four: family Jacquat :-)

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Familie über Bord!

Als Alleinreisende und Taucherin werde ich im Tauch-Briefing oft in die unterschiedlichsten Gruppen als Buddy gesteckt. Idealerweise tauche ich mit anderen Alleinreisenden, doch die sind leider nicht immer zur selben Zeit am selben Ort wie ich. Oft bin ich neben den Guides platziert oder Taucher Nummer 3 in einem bereits bestehenden Buddyteam, meist Pärchen oder Freunde. Und als ich neulich auf Bali für meinen letzten Tauchgang auf der Insel wieder einen Buddy suchte, bekam ich nicht nur einen, sondern gleich 4: Familie Jacquat :-)

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May I Introduce "Herr Engel"?

Beautiful pictures from both worlds, above and beneath the surface. This is 'HerrEngelWillMeer'.

As you all know, diving and traveling are true passions for me. I love sharing them with you and so does Herr Engel.

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Next Stop: Bali

Here is a little foretaste of the magical Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa in Bali.

I can't wait to visit this wonderful hotel and dive with Werner Lau. I hope you like the video...

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Diving Safaris

The best way to see as much as possible underwater in the shortest possible time is to go on a diving safari.  Usually, you can manage 18-20 dives during a seven-day tour (depending on tour operator, country and route).



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Your next Destination...

Welcome to my first blog entry.


Let's start with our dreams and tell me: 


Where will you be spending your holiday this year?


Where is your next destination?


Do you normally travel with family, friends or do you usually travel alone?


Happy to get in touch with you.



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